Alexander Spelda AKA


30 years old
League of Legends Head Manager


Alexander joined Team Vitality in January 2022 after a successful year with MAD Lions. With his broad background and education in the field of traditional sports and esports, marketing & diverse coaching both in and outside of the game he leads the League of Legends operations and facilities while taking care of players & coaches in their process.

“I like listening to stories. It is the first thing I ask for when I get to know a person. Understanding each individual is essential to provide them a space they can live and compete in with joy. If I see people having heated discussions one day and smiling together the next day, I know I am doing something right.”

Alex is driven and not afraid of speaking up on topics he truly believes in. He leads by example with his values honesty, awareness, open mindedness, balance and integrity. Alex likes to pay attention to the big picture as well as the smallest detail and above all, wants to bring joy to those around him.