James MacCormack AKA


UK - 30 years old
LEC Head Manager


James “Mac” MacCormack is Head Manager of Team Vitality’s LEC team. After an incredible six-year adventure at Splyce / MAD Lions, he chose to join Les Abeilles to carry out a long-term strategic project. Within the sector, Mac has distinguished himself through his strategic intelligence and leadership, his consistency and his commitment to his teams. He has propelled his teams to first place in the LEC three times and secured places at the Worlds for five consecutive years.

Away from the competitive scene, Mac enjoys going for walks in the countryside with his two dogs. These moments away from competition allow him to reconnect with himself and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. His academic background in Philosophy and Spanish reflects his deep intellectual curiosity and desire to understand different cultures and perspectives. His hobbies range from sport to reading, from learning new languages to playing board games.

With his multi-faceted personality, Mac will lead this team to the highest competitive level!