Zdravets Galabov AKA


BG - 29 years old


Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov is Team Vitality’s Support. He joined the club after winning the LEC Spring Split with MAD Lions in 2023. With a decade of experience in the LEC, the player has a track record worthy of the greatest European players: three times European champion and world championship finalist in 2018. For a European player, Hylissang holds the record for the longest series of Worlds appearances (six consecutive years).

His style of play is explosive, creative and unique, earning him the nickname ‘The Professor’. This nickname refers to his strategic depth and innovative approaches to the game. He is affectionately known as ‘hyper-int’ by LPL players because of his daring manoeuvres, which can shake up the course of the match in… unexpected ways!

Beyond the rigorous demands of being a professional player, he relaxes by going fishing with his twin brother, Alexander. Although his devotion to League of Legends remains unrivalled, he occasionally tries his hand at other games, leading a balanced personal life.

Hylissang’s career inspires many in the esport community. With Team Vitality, he hopes to write a successful new chapter in his story.