Kyeong Gyu-tae AKA


KR - 22 years old


Gyutae ‘Photon’ Kyeong is a South Korean toplaner who joined Team Vitality in 2023. Having trained at the academy of the very famous T1 club, Photon’s career has been nothing short of meteoric. He won the Challengers Korea title in the summer of 2022 and took the MVP award. After that, he joined Team Vitality and quickly established himself as one of Europe’s top toplaners. His outstanding performances earned him a place in the all-pro team for the Winter Split and third place in the Spring Split.

Photon has many qualities, including stability, humour and consistency. Since his arrival, he has made remarkable progress in English, a sign of his commitment and strong ability to adapt. Away from the keyboard, Photon is also an avid cook. Not only does he prepare dishes, he also creates team dinners, strengthening the bonds of conviviality between the players. In just one year, Photon has quickly become a valued member of the Team Vitality family.

In the world of esports, Photon is a multi-talented individual, capable of both dominating the topline and spicing up the lives of his team-mates!