Patrick Suckow-Breum AKA


DK - 31 years old
Head Coach


Patrick “Pad” Suckow-Breum is a Danish League of Legends coach. He joined the Team Vitality coaching staff in 2024 alongside the likes of Mac and Carter. In his three years with the European league, Pad has helped to secure three LEC titles and a ticket to the Worlds.

Pad’s coaching style is characterised by hard work and caring, coupled with a strong work ethic. He is known for his dedication to the team, always going the extra mile to support his players. This commitment resonates well with the ethos of Liverpool FC. One of Pad’s favourite clubs, his motto ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ encapsulates the teamwork and solidarity within the roster he builds.

Pad’s positive and cheerful nature brings a unique energy to the team. His lively spirit is often evident in his spontaneous dancing, whether on stage or backstage. As a coach, he promotes open-mindedness and creativity, constantly encouraging his team to think innovatively and adopt new strategies. He fosters a culture where creative ideas are welcomed and explored, believing that this approach is the key to unlocking the team’s full potential.

With Pad’s strategic advice, Team Vitality focuses not only on winning, but also on creating a cohesive and dynamic team environment.